Dialog box resources and windres

Gennady Feldman gfeldm01@utopia.poly.edu
Sun Feb 28 23:02:00 GMT 1999

Hello Arthur.

 Add the following line to the beginning of your .rc file and try
compiling again:
        #include <windows.h>
 It defines some constants that windres needs. And I had to get rid of
the ICON line to get your resource to compile..[maybe because I don't
have that icon file?]


Arthur Jerijian wrote:

> I need to specify a dialog box resource, but
> windres (from Cygwin b20) gives me a "parse
> error" whenever I include it in my resource
> script. The relevant piece of my .rc file is
> given below.
> Could this be a possible windres bug, or am I
> not specifying this dialog box correctly?
> Thanks,
> --Arthur


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