Putting windows last

Earnie Boyd earnie_boyd@yahoo.com
Sun Feb 28 23:02:00 GMT 1999

---"Henry J. Cobb" <hcobb@telegenisys.com> wrote:
> Sometimes I need to call the builtin Windos find or sort.
> To handle this, I've moved the Cygnus tools to gfind.exe and gsort.exe
> I don't see why adding the Cygnus toolkit should require dropping
> already builtin to Windos itself.

It's all a matter of perspective and requirements.  I would like to
caution anyone on renaming the executables.  Some binaries will
operate differently based on the name of the executable file so use
caution when renaming those files.  If you're not familiar with what
the program might do with a different name then you might want to
experiment with it first using copies or links.
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