Problem with make and executables in current directory

Earnie Boyd
Sun Feb 28 23:02:00 GMT 1999

---Richard Stanton <> wrote:
> My PATH environment variable did not (until just now) include "." as
one of
> its entries. Until recently, this caused no problems. Windows seems
to look
> for executables in the current directory anyway, and I could use GNU
make to
> compile and run C programs without needing to specify a directory.
> Just recently, however, GNU make has stopped being able to find
> in the current directory, unless "." is explicitly included in PATH.

Are you sure "Just recently"?  

> a. Is this behavior intentional?

It is the expected behavior.  The cygwin product is trying to emulate

> b. Rather stranger, why has it only just (last week or so) stopped
> executables in the current directory? This has not only happened to me
> (Windows 95), but also to a colleague running NT4. Both of us are
> 100% sure that it used to work until recently, and that we have not
> anything in our setups.

Are you positive nothing changed?  Or is it that your make has never
had to execute a program in the current directory before?

> This is all with Cygwin 20.1.

And any prior version.
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