Cygwin participation threshold

Steve Morris
Sun Feb 28 23:02:00 GMT 1999

In all this discussion something important is being lost. Cris
bemoaned the lack of development support for cygwin and asked for
reasons. I and others tried to explain where we think the issues
are. Inevitably this comes out sounding negative, but at least on my
part, this is not intended. Maybe we took Cris' questions too
literally. Flogging Cygnus was not the intent. We were trying to offer
legitimate feedback to a legitimate question.

Let me reiterate that Cygnus is clearly one of the Good Guys. The best
guys are the Cygnus employees (like Cris) who volunteer their own time
to this project.

Many of us are rooting for Cygnus and are hoping more companies figure
out how to make money on free software; because they then tend to give
back. As an example gcc and gdb have been in much better shape all
these years since Cygnus became the official release site.

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