multithread programming

Stipe Tolj
Sun Feb 28 23:02:00 GMT 1999

> >
> > unfortunatly Cygwin b19 (and b20) are _not_ multithread safe. Therefore the
> > posix thread pthread package from MIT won't work.
> Does it mean that it is impossible to port multithreaded application from Unix
> to Win32    ???

of course it _is_ possible if you consider to write pthread wrappers that take out
the multithreading ability of the application.

As you may know, Win9x shouldn't be considererd thread-safe at all, therefore how
could Cygwin fix that if it is a sub-system of the os. I just wanted to say, that
you can't compare Linux or Solaris (or what real UNIX ever) to Cygwin for
multithreading abilities.

I tried to port the MySQL database engine which uses the MIT's pthreads. And I got
stuck into deep trouble with the need of that pthread functions.

Maybe an upcoming release of Cygwin will be supporting the pthread packages in
some way.


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