[Q:] Has Mail Delivery Changed?

Jan Nieuwenhuizen jan@magna-carta.com
Sun Feb 28 23:02:00 GMT 1999

On Tuesday, 9 February 1999, doelke@opticalsolutions.com writes:


> As for Outlook scanning the entire header - not Outlook 97
> that I am using on NT.  It's filtering capabilities suck.
> I really need to find me a Unix home on the net someplace
> that I can connect via IMAP to.......

There are various usix mailers that'll compile+work on NT 
(with cygnus' gnu-windows package).
When I started this new job, my only option was Outlook97, 
which almost drove me mad.  It has silly bugs, almost every
preset is at the wrong value by default, and you can only
read your mail in a proportional font (afaik).

Now i'm using (n)mh, with pop/smtp (not local sendmail) and 
slocal filtering (haven't got mh-e got to work, though).
(Guess what, you can filter on strings in the header fields
too, just like with ms's great program.  Amazing, no?)


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