Compiling Apache 1.3.4 on NT using gcc

Stipe Tolj
Sun Feb 28 23:02:00 GMT 1999

> Has anyone tried compiling Apache 1.3.4 on NT using the gcc
> compiler?

Our project is the official vendor for the Cygwin b20 port. We are still
asking the Apache Group to integrate our patches for Cygwin to the
official source code distributions. This will be done in some upcoming

We are offering the Cygwin port source code distribution from Apache
1.3.1 up to Apache 1.3.4 (current), which should compile and build out
of the box. We are also offering the latest Apache 1.3.4 with
SSL-support via mod_ssl 2.1.7 and SSLeay 0.9.0b and several Apache
modules like PHP 3.0.6.

Have a look at the Source Distributions section of our project's site at

The Binary Distribution offers a pre-compiled Apache 1.3.4 SSL within
out CAMP (Cygwin Apache mSQL MySQL PHP) embedded web authoring
environment including the Cygwin port of the mSQL 2.0.5 database engine.


Stipe Tolj <>

Cygwin Porting Project -- "We build UNIX on top of Windows"

Department of Economical Computer Science
University of Cologne, Germany

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