Cygwin participation threshold

DJ Delorie
Sun Feb 28 23:02:00 GMT 1999

> That could be part of it.  The fact that a company is in charge of 
> coordinating the efforts has an effect.

What effect?  I would think that having a company back a project would
be *good*, since they have more to lose if it fails.

> In the past the main reason I didn't even investigate contributing
> is : Because of the feeling that contributions are unwanted, and
> that someone else is making money of of my work.
> After a little investigation, I found that these wern't valid
> concerns, but they are a first line of resistance.

How did you get these impressions?  If there is a way for us to make
sure people get the right impressions up front, perhaps that would
save people a bit of grief.

However, let's get one thing straight: Cygnus *is* making money off
your work, at least indirectly.  However, in return we're giving a lot
of technology and effort (in the form of cygwin, since we do most of
the work on it) back to the community (you).  I'd like to think this
is a fair exchange.  Do you think this is a fair exchange?

As for contributions, we definitely want them, but keep in mind that
it's our responsibility to the cygwin community (you), as the "keepers
of cygwin", to ensure that anything added to cygwin doesn't make it
worse.  The preferred method of dealing with these types of
contributions is to work with the author until they meet our
standards, rather than simply rejecting it.

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