How to compile binutils

DJ Delorie
Sun Feb 28 23:02:00 GMT 1999

You also need the (recently added) toplevel.tar.bz2, which includes
those files common to all source distributions.  However, for
binutils, you'll need other parts, like opcodes, bfd, include,
libiberty, and maybe more.

The src-by-top-dir packages are exactly that - the sources, broken up
by top directory.  However, not all top directories correspond
perfectly to buildable packages, since many things are shared among

> What sources should I download in order to compile 'binutils'.
> I know that full source package will probably work,
> but I'm interested in minimal set of sources.
> I have downloaded 'src-by-top-dir/binutils.tar.bz2',
> but it seems to be very incomplete.
> (configure fails, it needs '' 'config.gues' and more
> such files)

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