Cygwin participation threshold

Paul Sokolovsky
Sun Feb 28 23:02:00 GMT 1999

Hello Christopher,

Christopher Faylor <> wrote:

>>    By the way, if you haven't answered that yet, changing name from
>>gnu-win32 to cygwin has your motivation or FSF's?

CF> I wasn't around for all of the naming decisions but I think that the
CF> decision was entirely Cygnus's.  Maybe if Geoff is still reading the
CF> list he can elaborate.  It would be interesting to see if contributions
CF> slacked off after the original name change.

    I don't think that name is really matters, "gnu-win32" was good
for the first time (I don't remember how I get acquainted with cygwin
but probably by asking Yahoo about "gnu win32"). It's your goodwill to
release it, so that name may be used for whole bunch of stuff. I think
about win32 as platform, gnu-win32 as its target and cygwin, mingw32,
probably others as specific subtargets.

CF> In case it wasn't obvious, the 32 was dropped from cygwin32 to avoid
CF> potential trademark infringement with some company whose name currently
CF> escapes me.

    Aah, I really didn't understand why those digits dropped ;-)

CF> cgf

Best regards,

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