Perl 5.005_2 / B20.1 : "target pattern contains no `%'"

Sebastien Barre
Sun Feb 28 23:02:00 GMT 1999

Seems to me that Perl 5.005_2 is a difficult piece of software to build
using cygwin32 B20.1.

I copy/move some include files from one dir to an other to solve the
va_start pb :

> regcomp.c:2663: macro `va_start' used with too many (2) args
> make: *** [regcomp.o] Error 1

The compilation runs, some warnings are emitted, all of them related to :
"warning: passing arg 2 of `Perl_rsignal_save' from incompatible pointer type"

Then it failed on :

        Making x2p stuff
GNUmakefile:156: *** target pattern contains no `%'.  Stop.
make: *** [translators] Error 2

I looked at GNUmakefile :

translators:	miniperl lib/ FORCE
	@echo " "; echo "	Making x2p stuff"; cd x2p; $(LDLIBPTH) $(MAKE) all

then in x2p/GNUmakefile, the line 156 is in the dependencies section ([...]
are lines that I removed) :

walk.o: util.h
../config.h: Bletch: How does this C preprocessor catenate tokens?
a2p.h: str.h
# WARNING: Put nothing here or make depend will gobble it up!

the line 156 is the one related to ../config.h. Another C preprocessor pb. Argh

Any clues ?

Sebastien Barre        

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