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Larry Hall
Sun Feb 28 23:02:00 GMT 1999

At 10:51 PM 2/25/99 -0800, Geoffrey Noer wrote:
>AFAIK, amount of contributions did not vary with this name change.
>I think most variation has more to do with how busy individual people
>have been and what they've been interested in working on.
>Geoffrey Noer		Email:
>Cygnus Solutions

Right on!  If anyone wants my opinion (and even if you don't, I guess you'll
get it!;-)), the level of contributions from the current "user" base 
is, much like the contribution level of the people at Cygnus, quite tied to 
what's going on in their "day jobs".  This description certainly fits me to a
tee over the last few months!:-(  I expect the overall level of contributions
will increase only as the user base that likes to dabble in it increases.
While I don't think discussion of this topic is a bad idea, I think it has
become somewhat academic at this point.  People will contribute as they can
and when they can.  I think that describes most of what drives contributions.
Other things mentioned here may be factors on "ramping up" or becoming 
comfortable with what it means to contribute but I expect these are really
secondary issues for most users who would lend a hand.  Obviously, anything
that can be done to mitigate the secondary issues only helps!  Certainly,
if there is a simple "tweak" to any of these, let's find them and "tweak"

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