Christopher Faylor cgf@cygnus.com
Sun Feb 28 23:02:00 GMT 1999

On Thu, Feb 04, 1999 at 03:18:30PM -0500, Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc) wrote:
>At 11:59 AM 2/4/99 -0800, H. Sawyer Gillespie wrote:
>Can people PLEASE stop sending their requests for unsubscribing to the list?
>The proper way to unsubscribe from the list is to send mail to the LIST 
>SERVER address, NOT the list address itself.  If you don't know what the
>address is that you should send to, check the Cygnus web site.  It clearly
>states the address and the process.  See:
>   http://sourceware.cygnus.com/cygwin/lists.html
>For example, people looking to get off the cygwin list should send mail to

It is especially ironic that I just sent out email with instructions on how
to do this to the whole list.

This email seemed to be immediately followed by a flood of people who
are attempting to unsubscribe in the wrong way.


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