[Q:] Has Mail Delivery Changed?

David M. Smith david.smith@home-free.demon.co.uk
Sun Feb 28 23:02:00 GMT 1999

In article < 36C01829.DD20B1F2@upf.es >, Walter Garcia-Fontes
<wgarcia@upf.es> writes
>The change is of course due to the fact that they have changed the
>listserver. I check now for "sourceware.cygnus.com" in the To: and CC:
>fields and filter the mail as well as before (using procmail). You still
>have to keep your old rules since some people keep sending to
>gnu-win32@cygnus.com (also check this in To: and CC:).
>Including a Sender: field may be useful, though, so if people at Cygnus
>could program the listserver  to include a Sender: or Owner: field,
>filtering the mail would be easier.

Someone kindly forwarded me the announcement that this was going to
happen.  I looked through my list database and I had not received it
directly!  I have not attached it as I am sure most of you will have
seen it.

The new list server does seem to put "Sender:" in the header of some
messages, but I am definitely getting stuff without it.  As I said these
messages seem to have custom aliases in the "CC:" field.  I have
modified my rules to suit the new list software and will keep monitoring
the stray ones for a suitable pattern.

Thanks for the help.

David M. Smith

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