Steve Morris
Sun Feb 28 23:02:00 GMT 1999

Earnie Boyd writes:
 > It seems to me that most of these types of questions; ones that have
 > been answered before and can be researched from the archives, or are
 > on the FAQ; are from people who are not on the mailing list.  Because
 > of the number of questions that Mumit and others answer over and over
 > again I would like to pose an off topic question.  
 > Should this list become closed to members only?
 > IMHO, this would give the would be questioner rules up front.  The
 > resource pointer FAQ that gets posted by Michael Weiser
 > <> could be included in the instructions
 > that get mailed to new members.  This should cut down on the number of
 > unresearched questions.

While I sympathize with the problem I post from many mail addresses;
seldom from the one I joined the list with. I joined with my personal
mail address (where I archive etc with procmail and don't worry about
changing jobs.) and almost always post from a work account or my wives
account. Does the list server support aliases? That might solve my

I also find the archive search engine unreliable. Maybe I am unlucky
but of the last three times I tried to do a search the search engine
was down for two of them, and for days. It was down this weekend.

Maybe we should turn the list into a newsgroup ;->.

Steve Morris

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