some spam in the mailing list.... Hope is in sight...
Sun Feb 28 23:02:00 GMT 1999

> I appreciate the individual steps that
> people have taken to track this down to the source and terminate the
> twits who are sending this crap out.

You're welcome. I forward all spams in this list to spammers
abuse department/postmaster. The spam where this thread was about went
to Belgium and.... to
I believe was the origin, because the previus spam by the same
#@$%%$#! had these headers:

Received: from (unifesp [])
	by (8.9.0/8.9.0) with ESMTP id FAA07238;
	Mon, 1 Feb 1999 05:59:55 -0200
Received: from NWCIS/SpoolDir by (Mercury 1.43);
    1 Feb 99 06:27:35 -300
Received: from SpoolDir by NWCIS (Mercury 1.43); 1 Feb 99 06:19:16 -300
Received: from ( by (Mercury 1.43);
    1 Feb 99 06:18:34 -300

That ip-number belongs to

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