[HELP] stat(), file permission, r/w access : i'm LOST :(

Sebastien Barre Sebastien.Barre@utc.fr
Mon Mar 1 14:33:00 GMT 1999

At 16:49 01/03/99 -0500, you wrote:

>I think I said this before...

Sorry, I'm new, and the search feature is down :(

>I had the same problem.  It has to do ( it 
>seems ) with being part of the administrator group.  NT assigns the owner
of the file to 
>544 if you are part of the administrator group.

I see. Thanks to Microsoft ?

>Try this if you like.  Create a new user and set it up like your normal on 
>EXCEPT don't
>make it part of the adminstrator group.  You may need to set up some different
>directories to mirror what you have now but owned by the new userid.  Try 
>your build

All right. But in fact the build is no more the problem : the problem is
the behaviour of perl regarding this bug in "everyday life."

Thanx for your help

Sebastien Barre                  http://www.hds.utc.fr/~barre/

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