spawning nmake from a gnumake Makefile

JP Shipherd jp@Nuance.COM
Wed Mar 3 09:28:00 GMT 1999

We've got a pretty UNIXy source tree that uses gnumake for the most part,
but there are some win32 platform specific parts of it.  We build these in
DevStudio and export the makefiles.  Then we put these all these projects
under win32 module with a gnumake Makefile that simply goes to the various
project subdirs and spawns nmake.

I've been stuck on B18 for a while because the following expression in a
Makefile hasn't worked since then:


        @cd ../MFCWaveEdit/Wavetools; \
        $(NMAKE) /NOLOGO /F Wavetools.mak ALL
include" \
                LIB="$(LIB);$(W32_NUANCE)/lib/win32" CFG=$(WTCNF$(OPTION))

This worked fine in B18 but B19 and B20 complain:

Wwavetools.mak(1) : fatal error U1023: syntax error in expression

Does anyone have any idea what changed and/or a strategy for modifying my
gnumakefile so it can work with the later betas?


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