"Out of environment space" error

Michael Nelson mikenel@iapetus.com
Wed Mar 3 12:48:00 GMT 1999

On NT, make sure you are using "cmd.exe" as your shell and not "command.com"
(which runs in the VDM and has all of DOS's nasty limitations).


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>>> You are the first NT user I've seen have this problem.  BTW, where is
>>> the properties window for setting auto memory or 4096 on NT?
>>Right click on the shortcut (which is a short-cut to an MSDOS program),
>>select Properties, then Memory Tab, then under Conventional Memory
>there is
>>an Initial Environment drop down box which was set to Auto by default.
>Oh you may be better off leaving that the way it was.  That will do no
>good or harm to your Cygwin, in my opinion.  Also Microsoft does not
>advice using a config.sys file on NT.
>>Perhaps it has to do with my installing NT over an existing 95
>>the same drive (a FAT partition).
>Did you run the NT partition during installation?  It should have taken
>care of it, unless you forced the Nt installed to install OS in the same
>directory where Win95 was already installed.  In that case you are in
>big trouble and may consider backing up your data and cleaning the
>disk... then doing a fresh install.

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