[ANN] Cygwin DEV survey

Suhaib M. Siddiqi Ssiddiqi@InspirePharm.Com
Sun Mar 7 09:19:00 GMT 1999

>I have planned this for about a year and now I would like to hear from
>other cygwin users what they think about it. Mostly I'm interested in
>the opinion of the cygwin core developers.
>We would like to compile a set of files containing
>    - latest cygwin full.exe distrbution
>    - latest pre-compiled egcs replacement
>    - latest cygwin-snapshots
>    - pre-compiled libraries and headers for /usr/local/include and
>        - like X11R6.4, crypt, ncurses, gmp, readline, gd, ...
>    - pre-compiled applications for /usr/local/
>        - like X11R6.4, XEmacs, LyX, GIMP, mSQL, PostgreSQL, Apache,
>inetutils, ssh
>and all the other ports available at ftp.franken.de
>    - any available sources for the pre-compiled cygwin ports
>    - cygwin documentation
>    - a HTML mirror of the complete mailing list contents
>to a Cygwin DEV (Development Environment) CD-ROM like the RedHat or
>Linux distributions. This package should enable users to install Cygwin
>on a clean Win32 system with all required software allready available
>via CD.

A CD like Red Hat and SuSE will not be violation of Cygwin GPL license?

Just a question.

>Currently all files should fit on a single CD. There won't be a CD
>distribution (at least for now), but we will provide the complete set
>files for burning such a CD from our web site (and hopefully some
>mirrors around the world).
>We would like to use the latest InstallShield version, so new users may
>install the base Cygwin b20.1 distrbition and any other components very
>modular via InstallShield selection windows.
>Any comments towards this idea are very welcome.
>Stipe Tolj <tolj@uni-duesseldorf.de>
>Cygwin Porting Project -- "We build UNIX on top of Windows"
> http://www.student.uni-koeln.de/cygwin/
>Department of Economical Computer Science
>University of Cologne, Germany
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