[ANN] Cygwin DEV survey

DJ Delorie dj@delorie.com
Sun Mar 7 10:06:00 GMT 1999

> I have planned this for about a year and now I would like to hear
> from other cygwin users what they think about it. Mostly I'm
> interested in the opinion of the cygwin core developers.
> We would like to compile a set of files containing
>     - latest cygwin full.exe distrbution
>     - latest pre-compiled egcs replacement

No problem here, these are all GPL.  Just remember that you must
include all the sources that go with them.  This means that if you
have multiple copies of the cygwin dll, you must have multiple copies
of the sources for the dll as well.

I strongly recommend reading the DJGPP FAQ about redistribution for
some things that djgpp has "noticed" over the years about how to put
together a well-received distribution of something like djgpp or

>     - latest cygwin-snapshots

I wouldn't recommend this, except perhaps to put them in a directory
that's clearly labelled EXPERIMENTAL.  We don't even check these
snapshots before posting them, and except for the ChangeLogs there's
no documentation about them.

>     - pre-compiled libraries and headers for /usr/local/include and
> /usr/local/lib
>         - like X11R6.4, crypt, ncurses, gmp, readline, gd, ...
>     - pre-compiled applications for /usr/local/
>         - like X11R6.4, XEmacs, LyX, GIMP, mSQL, PostgreSQL, Apache,
> inetutils, ssh

Be careful about distribution terms.  Anything compiled with cygwin
must be distributed under the terms of the GPL - not just the terms of
the application itself.  This means that *all* applications on the CD
*must* include full sources, not just patches.  You can't distribute
anything whose distribution terms are incompatible with the GPL.

Also, ssh can't be exported from the USA and other countries might
have restrictions also.  Safest to just leave it off.

> and all the other ports available at ftp.franken.de

Warning: I've not seen full sources on ftp.franken.de, which is a
violation of the GPL.  You'll have to get the sources those packages
were compiled with, verify that the sources you have actually build
the executables you are distributing (usually by rebuilding), and ship
them together.

>     - any available sources for the pre-compiled cygwin ports

That should be *all*, if you are distributing the binaries for them.
The GPL requires it.

>     - cygwin documentation

No problem here, I think.  There isn't much anyway :(

>     - a HTML mirror of the complete mailing list contents

Good luck.  Please don't mirror my site, as that would put a pretty
heavy load on my server, and the URLs won't be valid Win32 file names
(they have colons in them, and are cgi-generated).  There are about
22,000 messages, which would mean 22,000 hits to a *cgi* on my server
to download them all.  I don't see the benefit to this either, since
the web versions have search engines and are continuously updated.

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