B20.1: how to build for MinGW32?

Kai-Uwe Rommel rommel@ars.de
Sun Mar 7 11:06:00 GMT 1999

DJ Delorie <dj@delorie.com> wrote on 7.3.1999 19:08:28:
> > Since I can't find notes about that in the docs, here is my
> > question: what is the official way of recompiling the code for
> > MinGW32?
> Mingw doesn't provide a posix emulation, so I wouldn't expect GNU
> tools to build with it.  I think our expectation is that the
> development tools would always be built with cygwin, and would
> cross-compile to mingw.

So how do I cross-compile with CygWin to MinGW32? I finally managed
to get the thing compiled, but after "configure" I had to add
-mno-cygwin manually to the Makefile's "CC = gcc" statements and
also had to manually edit some config.h files.

Probably I already have to tell "configure" to use -mno-cygwin, but
how? I am still not all too familiar with CygWin and configure ...

Kai Uwe Rommel

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