Time taken for ls -la --color=yes

Sebastien Carpe scarpe@atos-group.com
Mon Mar 8 09:09:00 GMT 1999

Timothy Reaves wrote:
> >If you add the color or F switches then the CYGWIN1.DLL has to
> >determine the type of file.  It will be opening every regular file
> >listed and reading a line from the file in order to determine the type
> >of the file.  You can imagine the overhead involved in this.
> No, I guess I can't, as bash under unix does not take this long, and it would have to do the same thing.

And it does ... but the Unixes file systems stores a lot more informations that
the NTFS does, therefore open less files... On the other side, may be cygwin is
a bit slow at opening files.. 
On my side, running ls --color=yes on my NT box on a Unix directory through
samba seems to take forever on large directory (well, may be not htat much, but
i'm a pretty impatient guy regarding those things).

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