[ANN] Cygwin DEV survey

DJ Delorie dj@delorie.com
Mon Mar 8 10:06:00 GMT 1999

> I don't think this is true.  I find no clause that says source _must_
> be distributed in the same means that the binaries are.  Section 3
> talks about distribution, but says only that the source must be "on a
> medium customarily used for software interchange" -- nothing about the
> same medium as the binary.

I can see a lawyer arguing that a customer who has a cdrom drive may
not consider the web to be "customarily used" if he/she has no
connection to the web.  It is not customarily used by that customer.
The only way to guarantee that the the customer has a machine-readable
copy (something the gpl *does* require) is to provide it on a medium
you know their machine can read - the same medium as the binary.

I don't know of many people who "customarily" use the web to download
600Mb of data at a time, either.

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