problem with cygwin version of egcs

Earnie Boyd
Mon Mar 8 11:36:00 GMT 1999

Beginning with version b20 the cygwin package was built optimized for
i586.  This means that you will not be able to successfully use it on
a lesser machine.  You could get version b19 and the b20 sources and
build it optimized for i486 and you should then be able to use it or
cross-compile from linux.

---John McNally <> wrote:
> I am running cygwin b20.1 with win95 on a 486.  I installed the
> of egcs1.1.1 for cygwin b20.
> When trying to run g77 (or gcc) I get
> This program cannot be run in DOS mode.
> Other b20 utils like "ls" and "du" work.  I did not check b20
version of
> gcc before overlaying egcs version.  I have looked in the cygwin
> list archives and didn't find anything.  And I'm not sure it would be
> discussed wrt egcs.
> Has anyone else reported this problem?  This is the sort of error
> message associated with trying to run a windows program from a DOS
> which is not what I think I'm doing.  I don't know much about this. 
> Just trying to run g77 and b19 version tends to freeze up
> Thought I'd try an update.  B19 still works thankfully.
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