objcopy converting a.out to ELF with DWARF2 for i386

John Kastner, Ph.D. kastner@home.com
Mon Mar 8 12:35:00 GMT 1999

The company I work for would like to work with ELF/DWARF2 files.
However our user base still uses older a.out.  We are looking into using
objcopy on a.out to produce ELF/DWARF2.  We don't require perfect 
fidelity but  we are looking for a strong interim solution.  We only need 
an i386 solution (a.out-i386 to elf32-i386).

Is anyone out there currently doing a similar extension to the tools?

Is anyone out there interested in receiving our extensions if and when
we produce them?

I welcome helpful comments and suggestions.

John Kastner, Ph.D.

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