problems with windres

Steffen Guhlemann
Mon Mar 8 13:46:00 GMT 1999

I try to start working with resources, but can't manage to use windres 
Always when I try to use it, like e.g. 

"windres -i dialog1.rc -o dialog1.o" 

it tells me 

"warning, preprocessor failed ...windres.exe: no resources" 

There is no output, why the preprocessor failed. Anyhow, when I try just 
to use the preprocessor on the file like described in the 

"gcc -E -xc-header ­DRC_INVOKED dialog1.rc"

There is at the end of all the output just the following line:

"gcc.exe: ­DRC_INVOKED: No such file or directory"

Does anybody know, what I do wrong?


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