Does GPL apply without Cygwin stub? [long and off-topic] (was Re: [ANN] Cygwin DEV survey)

Suhaib M. Siddiqi Ssiddiqi@InspirePharm.Com
Mon Mar 8 14:39:00 GMT 1999

>>I don't think that is correct.  I believe the "commercial compiler"
>>that Suhaib M. Siddiqi is referring to may be the one known as the
>>"Cygnus GNUPro Development Tools" ;-)
>>If I understand things correctly, it *is* possible to get a license
>>Cygwin that allows you to link proprietry code which incorporates the
>>Cygwin crt0 file --- you just need to fork over the appropriate amount
>>cash to Cygnus to pay for that license.
>That's right.  As the license holder for cygwin we reserve the right to
>distribute the code under a different licensing agreement.
>We do allow our customers to distribute code linked with the DLL under
>other terms than the GPL -- for a fee.
>I don't believe that Suhaib is referring to our own products however,
>I don't believe that he is referring to a commercial customer of

Yes, I am referring to a commercial customer (PGI) who officially
it as a bundled product:

here is a paragraph from their brochures.  I do not accept illegal
software and do not allow others to make illegal copies of my licensed


* PGHPF Workstation
    - Command-level F77 compiler
    - Command-level F90 compiler
    - Command-level HPF compiler
    - Supported on Linux/Solaris86/NT
    - Full HPF support for multi-processor (SMP) systems
    - Threads-based SMP auto-parallelization in F77/F90
    - Native directive-based OpenMP parallelization in F77/F90
    - SGI C$DOACROSS directive supported in F77/F90
    - Byte-swapping unformatted I/O (big-endian to little)
    - Executables utilize up to 4 processors
    - Cray/DEC/IBM compatibility (including Cray POINTERs)
    - PGPROF performance profiler (command-level only on NT)
    - PGDBG symbolic debugger (not yet available on NT)
    - UNIX-like command environment bundled on NT   <---note
    - Node-locked single-user license

    PGHPF Workstation 1 Year Subscription

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