Dr. Volker Zell vzell@de.oracle.com
Tue Mar 9 10:02:00 GMT 1999

    >> Re text/binary: NOTEPAD is not a text editor. It is a
    >> bug. NOTEPAD compatibility is not a valid concern. Seriously!

    >> Why hang on to ancient conventions such as the distinction
    >> between binary and text mode?

    >> It is useless anyway. It _used_ to be like that if a file was
    >> 'text', it was ASCII (aka ISO 646) text, and could be
    >> transmitted safely through 7-bit channels.

    >> That was long ago. Most of my 'text' files use 8-bit or 16-bit
    >> character sets, and you have to know beforehand, 'cause the
    >> file itself doesn't say what character set is used. I don't
    >> want any automatic conversion of any characters, and I most
    >> certainly don't want truncation at first ^Z.

    >> Why should I want to open a file in 'text' mode? What if I run
    >> a cygwin application to write a 'text' file that is part of a
    >> MacOS application?  I need three different record separators,
    >> and I can't infer which to use just from what OS the
    >> application is running on. BTW, this is an actual example of
    >> what I use cygwin tools for.

Finally, somebody ... :-)

    >> Kind regards

    >> Peter Ring.


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