text vs binary mode yet again

Fergus Henderson fjh@cs.mu.OZ.AU
Tue Mar 9 16:13:00 GMT 1999

On 09-Mar-1999, Dr. Volker Zell <vzell@de.oracle.com> wrote:
>     >> Re text/binary: NOTEPAD is not a text editor. It is a
>     >> bug. NOTEPAD compatibility is not a valid concern. Seriously!
>     >> Why hang on to ancient conventions such as the distinction
>     >> between binary and text mode?

Why hang on to ^&%$&%$ operating systems like Windows?

If you're using cygwin at all, it's presumably because compatibility
with existing software is of some concern.  Otherwise, just use Linux!

>     >> Why should I want to open a file in 'text' mode? What if I run
>     >> a cygwin application to write a 'text' file that is part of a
>     >> MacOS application?  I need three different record separators,
>     >> and I can't infer which to use just from what OS the
>     >> application is running on. BTW, this is an actual example of
>     >> what I use cygwin tools for.

In that particular case, you wouldn't want to open the file in text mode.
But there are plenty of other cases where text mode does make sense.

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