import libraries for 3rd-party DLLs

Richard Hellicar (EML)
Wed Mar 10 09:00:00 GMT 1999

I'm trying to create an "import library" to allow me to use gcc with a
third-party DLL.
I tried the .lib files supplied with the DLL, but neither worked (one was
for MS, which
did compile, but complained about entry points when executed, the other for
The Cygwin User's Guide (Delorie, Humblet, Noer) suggests a method in
Chapter 4
("Linking against DLLs").  However, if I run nm on *any* dll, not just the
one I'm trying
to use, it tells me "No symbols in xyz.dll"

In February, Gary Vaughan posted another method of producing import
you *can* produce a library in this way, but the linker chokes on undefined
references when you use it.

Can of the cygwin gods tell me:
1. Should I expect either the MS or Borland .lib files to be compatible ?
2. Is there a way of converting incompatible lib files ?
3. Why doesn't nm find symbols in *any* DLL (try: for i in
/winnt/system32/*.DLL; do nm $i; done)
4. exactly what *is* supposed to be in a .def file; should the @4,@8  stuff
be in
  there or not ?  Semi-colons ?

I'm running cygwin B20.1 and  gcc version egcs-2.91.57 19980901

Thanks in advance to you all

Rick Hellicar

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