permission denied with 8mm tape drive

Corinna Vinschen
Thu Mar 11 01:20:00 GMT 1999

> Todd Stallings wrote:
> Corinna,
> I installed cygwin (user.exe) this morning on NT 4.0 SP 4.  I then installed your latest patch cv_cygwin1.dll.tar.gz.  I'm now able to communicate with my tape drive (Exabyte 8700LT; 8mm); however I get the following error message:
> bash-2.02$ tar -tvf /dev/st0
> tar: Read error on /dev/st0: Permission denied
> tar: At beginning of tape, quitting now
> tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
> [...]

Hi Todd,

first of all, please don't send html mail, but plain text mail. Not everyone has
a mail reader, which is able to read html mails. Moreover, it's superfluous for
transmitting information.

I have thought about your problem and, sorry for this naive question, but did you
insert a tape in the drive, when you got this message??? Typically, you'll get this
message only in this case!

If I'm not right and it seems to be another problem, it would be fine, if you will
do the following in bash:

	bash$ STRACE='0x50:0,xxx' tar -tvf /dev/st0

You'll get a file, named xxx (possibly big!). Gzip it and send it to me, then I'm
able, to take a closer look into the problem.

Best regards,

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