Time offset strangeness

Sebastien Carpe scarpe@atos-group.com
Thu Mar 11 01:27:00 GMT 1999

For some days, i've been experiencing a strange time leap in the date batch or
in my asclock. The hour given is 1 hour ahead the real date. The date in the
so-called is however correct "system tray". I've rebooted (on Windows like,
this often fixes things ;) ), but yet, it didn't help.
I suspect there is just something wrong in the cygwin code, may be about the
summer time and winter time leap... Is Cygwin accurate with this special
feature ?
Any way, this is just annoying  when i think it's time to leave office, but
there's one more hour, and it will be a real problem, when i'll end up using
Xemacs for mailing if my mails are not time stamped correctly. (for now, i'll
keep my way on with Communicator, until i can fix VM stamps to say my mails
have not been sent the 1st January of 1970 !! )

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