[ANN] Cygwin DEV survey

Jonathan Pryor jonpryor@vt.edu
Thu Mar 11 06:07:00 GMT 1999

Earnie Boyd <earnie_boyd@yahoo.com> wrote:

>---Greg Miller <gmiller@classic-games.com> wrote:
>> Michael Weiser wrote:
>> > Why? Someone who can't do a tar -xzvf will also be unable to use
>> > cygwin after install. It's the old thread which shows up here
>> > regularly and I'm one of those who want tar's or even better rpm's.
>> Except that the above tar command isn't equivalent to a full
>> InstallShield executable. Further, many cygwin users just want to run
>> one or two pieces of UNIX software, not use a full simulation of UNIX.
>You've just given a perfectly good reason why _NOT_ to use
>InstallShield.  With InstallShield, unless the packager has provided
>for it, you can't just pick and choose like you would be able to with

Why don't we have the "best of both worlds"?

I like the idea of tar files.  I also like the idea of an 
InstallShield setup to specify which parts to install (via
a Custom install option).

Wouldn't it be possible to have tarballs, and have InstallShield
extract the tarballs as part of its installation?  Then both 
groups can be satisified, and it shouldn't be too much more
difficult to do...(at least, I wouldn't think it so, but I've
been wrong before...)

For the record, I also would like to have a CD with almost
everything on it.  It would certainly make re-installing
"the world" easier...  :-)

Would it be possible to place mingw32 on the CD as well?
I don't remember seeing this raised as an option, but I 
would find it useful to have it on the CD...

 - Jon

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