Good News; Questions about Korn Shell for Win32

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Sat Mar 13 13:34:00 GMT 1999

                                    March 13th, 1999

Well, the good news is that I'll be starting a new job next week as a Perl
programmer for a Real Estate listing service out of Thousand Oaks.  The bad
news is that I've mostly used the Berkeley C-Shell in the past, and they
want me to use the Korn Shell like the rest of their programmers.  Thus, in
the next seven days I need to go thru a crash course in KSH progrmming.

I've already got the Cygwin SH, and BASH here, and I recognize the the Korn
shell is by design a strict semantic superset of the origianal Bourne Shell.
Thus, anything I can do with SH will work in the new environment.  Since
I've got a full week here, I'd really like to get ahold of a working copy of
the KSH, so that I can play with it and learn its intricacies and

Question One:  Is the Ksh freely distributed, and is there even a Win32 port
Question Two:  If it is not free, but someone on the list does have it,
could you let me use a copy of it for the next week?

Comments and Ideas always appreciated.


                                     David L. Painter
                                     ph: (559) 292-5366 * 3
                                     fax:(559) 292-0410

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