Problems with "find" and job control.

Henry J. Cobb
Sat Mar 13 16:11:00 GMT 1999

Sorry, but the error message:

    FIND: Parameter format not correct

is a pure M$ism.  (Just type \winnt\system32\find to "find" this message)

Depending on the paths to sort things out gives you different results
depending on the context you're working from.

Personally, I would NOT want my BAT scripts to behave differently depending
on where they're running from.

Also you only need to quote the name of the file you're looking for (under
gnu-find or gfind for short) when the filename includes a wildcard.

Anybody gona write Cygwin in a nutshell for O'Reily?  (It's such a pain to
flip back and forth between the eNp-Ty and Linux books. ;-)

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