find, ksh, and job control

Suhaib M. Siddiqi Ssiddiqi@InspirePharm.Com
Sat Mar 13 17:54:00 GMT 1999

>Have you tried the ftp from inet utils port? I generally use that in place
>of the NT one.

No I have not and I do not need either NT ftp nor inet utils port of ftp.
If I have to ftp something from command line I just swing my chair and ftp
from my UNIX box (an other machine).   Personally I had bad experiences with
any ftp program on NT or Win95/98, particularly if I was downloading a big
archive.  Wins often messed it up. Therefoe, I prefer not ftp from any
Windows machine, except a few small download via web browsers.


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>> > If I rememebr correctly, a while ago, some user wrote he
>> deleted cmd.exe and
>> >  replaced is by bash.exe.
>> The ftp program under NT won't run under bash.  Otherwise, I have
>> no use for
>> cmd.exe.
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