Job Control in the Bourne Shell

David's Lightspeed Email
Sun Mar 14 16:16:00 GMT 1999

                                    March 14th, 1999

In response to my question yesterday about Job Control in the Bourne Shell,
I've since then learned that it is included as a standard part of the shell
in SVR4 versions and later.

Thanks everyone for your feedback on the KSH yesterday.  I downloaded the
MKS version, and have been experimenting with it for the last day.

One thing to note, though, is that MKS includes the VI editor with their
package.  Why doesn't Cygwin include some equivalent of this?  For the life
of me, I hate VI and prefer Emacs.  But it is sometimes nice to have it
around for quick editing on the fly.  It also comes in handy for Command
Line editing too.

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