CFORTRAN for cygwin/egcs?

Mumit Khan
Mon Mar 15 14:27:00 GMT 1999

On Mon, 15 Mar 1999, Richard Stanton wrote:

> There's a rather useful package called CFORTRAN, that makes calling FORTRAN
> subroutines from C, and vice versa, very simple, on the machines it knows
> about.
> Has anyone got this working with egcs gcc/g77 under NT? If so, I'd
> appreciate any pointers or examples you may have.

Hmmm ... it's been years since I've used, but from what I remember, it
should be pretty trivial to use with gcc/g77 on Windows32. I believe the
magic was to define -Df2cFortran (or something like that) and the rest
just worked.

One potential gotcha, and only applicable if you're using gcc/c++ as the
link driver instead of using g77, is that f77 runtime library bundled with 
g77 has been renamed from libf2c.a to libg2c.a, and so you'll need to link
with -lg2c instead of -lf2c. 

  $ gcc -Df2cFortran -c cfile.c
  $ g77 -c ffile.f
  $ gcc -o mixedprog ffile.o cfile.o -lg2c

What problems have you had?


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