MKS Tool kit copies request

Jason Zions
Mon Mar 15 15:05:00 GMT 1999

> No, MKS Toolkit will not be available free with NT 5.0 (Win 
> 2000).  It will
> be called UNIX option pack (Note the word Option pack), that 
> means you have
> to pay extra for it if you want it.

More specifically, the Windows NT Services For Unix Option Pack (SFU) will
contain a small subset of the commands in the MKS toolkit; about 25
commands, if memory serves. The MKS ksh.exe is one of them.

As for Dave Korn claiming that only U/WIN has a "real" KornShell, this
should be unsurprising. It's his baby, so of course he will claim that he is
the only arbiter of what a "real" KornShell is. The fact that a program
might be developed that works exactly the same as his "real" shell of 1993,
or 1988, doesn't change the fact that he didn't write it, hence it's not
"real". The only KornShell that's "real" is the latest and greatest build of
the ksh that lives on the disk drive of Korn's PC; so one might conclude
from listening to Dave for a while on this subject.

It would kinda be like Bill Joy claiming there's only one vi, and it's the
one he sells. An ego-gratifying position, but hardly accurate.

Jason Zions

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