[ANN] EGCS-1.1.2 for Mingw (i386-mingw32) available

Mumit Khan khan@xraylith.wisc.EDU
Tue Mar 16 13:05:00 GMT 1999

EGCS 1.1.2 for i386-mingw32 -- Release information

Release date: Mar 16, 1998

What's in this package?
  egcs-1.1.2: The compilers for C, C++, ObjC and F77 plus runtime
    libraries. Slightly modified for Windows32 environment. See
    patches subdirectory for source patches.

  binutils-2.9.4: The GNU binary utilities (assembler, linker,
    windres, etc). This is built from the sources distributed
    with Cygwin b20.1 ( http://sourceware.cygnus.com/cygwin/ ).

  Mingw runtime: Colin Peters' latest Mingw 980701 snapshot + plus 
    local changes. Minor changes from what's distributed with 
    Cygwin b20.x.

  Windows32api: Minor changes from what's distributed with Cygwin b20.x.
    This is the last release that uses Windows32api; the next release 
    will use Anders Norlander's terrific w32api package.

  gdb-4.17.1: Based on the gdb in Cygwin b20 distribution.

What's not in this package?
  libg++: Sorry, but it's about time I acted on my long-standing threat 
    to remove this deprecated library.

  Web: http://www.xraylith.wisc.edu/~khan/software/gnu-win32
  FTP: ftp://ftp.xraylith.wisc.edu/pub/khan/gnu-win32/mingw32/egcs-1.1.2/

  Please visit the web page before you attempt to download/install. It
  may address problems you might run into.


  It's trivial. Unzip, and add the directory containing the binaries to 
  your PATH, and that's it! Really. Please follow the instructions 
  in the INSTALL file in the download area. You don't even need to
  set GCC_EXEC_PREFIX as with previous releases, but if you do have
  it, just make sure it's set correctly (yes, I did fix the annoying
  bug that was in 1.1.1 release).

Disk space?
  About 20M, give or take a few.

Where are the rest of the utilities, such as make and gdb?
  Jan-Jaap has made most of these tools available from his site, and I 
  see no reason to duplicate them. His site can be reached from the 
  "Related Sites" on my egcs page. I have included a version of gdb 
  (modified 4.17.1) in the distribution. 

MSVCRT vs CRTDLL runtimes?
  The default distribution links with and uses CRTDLL.DLL, which is
  guaranteed to be on *every* W95/NT system shipped. As I've done
  for EGCS 1.1.1 release, I will also upload the add-on to make it work 
  with MSVCRT4.0 DLL, which is shipped with newer versions of W95/NT, 
  as well as with MS packages such as MS Explorer.

Where to report bugs?

  Report configuration and Win32 specific bugs to me, GCC specific bugs 
  egcs-bugs, and always copy gnu-win32 mailing list so others can see it
  as well. If you send me email, please do have patience, since I usually 
  do not have the time to respond to each email right away.

Mumit -- khan@xraylith.wisc.edu

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