Help with GBDTK and IO

James Krause
Wed Mar 17 12:02:00 GMT 1999

I'm trying to debug just a simple Ada program;

with text_io;
procedure TEST is
  A_String : String(1..132);
  A_Length : Natural;
  Text_Io.Put_Line ("What is your name? ");
  Text_Io.Get_Line(A_String, A_Length);
  Text_Io.Put_Line ("Well Hello " & A_String(1..A_Length));

But when I run it with the GDBTK it always gets the error
"Program exited with code 01." when trying to execute the
get_line statement.  It runs fine using "gdb -nw".
Does anyone know why this is happening?
Is there some env variable I need to setup?

By the way I'm using the gdb and gdbtk versions that came with
GNAT.3.11p, on an NT4.0 machine.

Thanks in advanced

Jim Krause

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