Interesting bug?

Tripp Lilley
Wed Mar 17 15:55:00 GMT 1999

mount reports (among other things):

v:\\tmp	/tmp	native	text!=binary

which is correct.

in cmd.exe:

cd \tmp
(pwd now C:\tmp)


'ls' displays contents of /tmp, not c:\tmp! ls //c/tmp works as expected.
'rm', 'chmod', and others seem to be looking in //c/tmp as expected when
run with relative path names (ie: echo 'hello' > /tmp/foo.txt, followed by
'rm foo.txt' with c:\tmp as pwd bombs as expected saying "foo.txt: No such
file or directory")

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  "You know, this /is/ kinda like the community room in a mental ward."

   Mary Papadopoulos (roommate), commenting on our office/rec room

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