licensing NOT clear for me

Thu Mar 18 07:52:00 GMT 1999

Hi there!

I am reading all these posts about the license on cygnus, well
several weeks ago I asked something that NOBODY
answered clearly.

It was this simple:
I have a program under unix, under GPL license, etc...
No problem there.
Then I decided to make some changes so it compiles
under cygwin and here is the problem...
I make my binaries available to the public but:
Can I include the cygwin1.dll on the .zip file???
It seems i have to include the source code of the
library, but that would make a 20 megas cygwin
source (more than 20 times the actual program).

Can someone help?
I consider stupid to include 20 megas for a simple
program. Maybe I am wrong, but that is why
I asked and nobody seems to know the answer.

I feel like breaking the law and give the phreaking
.dll to everyone! I know, but you know how
it feels to ask this question 5 times and do NOT
receive an answer? and sorry but the .txt doesn't
help much with my english.

help would be really appreciated.

Joaquin Grech

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