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Bernard Dautrevaux
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> We do consider changing the licensing from time to time but, 
> so far, no
> one has been able to convince the powers that be at Cygnus that making
> cygwin into a LGPLed program would be worthwhile.  It would certainly
> remove some of the incentive for buying the commercial product but,
> perhaps more importantly, it would allow people to produce proprietary
> applications based on the cygwin DLL.  That does not sound like a good
> plan to me.

But a good plan is having Cygwin get some Kbucks (I've heard 8K$? is
that true) to allow "produce proprietary applications based on the
cygwin DLL"?... This seems a bit hard to defend:

Either you are strongly supporting open source and do NOT want anybody
producing proprietary code based on cygwin and then you should stop
selling licenses to cygwin that allow that; either you think this is not
immoral and then you should not CHARGE a fee for that...

It seems having cygwin GPLed has only one objective: subvert the open
source concept by getting people test and enhance a piece of code that
is in fact proprietary Cygnus software that generates revenues to Cygnus
by selling licenses to use a GPLed product.

Excuse me if I'm a bit confused, but the situation is confusing...

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