licensing NOT clear for me

John Mullee
Fri Mar 19 05:14:00 GMT 1999

> Hi there!
> I make my binaries available to the public but:
> Can I include the cygwin1.dll on the .zip file???
> It seems i have to include the source code of the
> library, but that would make a 20 megas cygwin
> source (more than 20 times the actual program).
> Can someone help?
> I consider stupid to include 20 megas for a simple
> program. Maybe I am wrong, but that is why
> I asked and nobody seems to know the answer.
> Joaquin Grech

(I'm sure i'll be corrected if i'm wrong here.. :)

The issue is simply:
 - if you distribute on cdrom, include the cywin sources (no problem,
 - if you distribute on floppy, include the cywin sources (aargh!)
 - if you distribute via http/ftp, place the cygwin sources on the same
   permitting users who _chose_ to do so to get the relevant sources.

You could make it awkward by splitting the files into 1MB lumps and use
some strange compression-format, if you wanted to discourage unnecessary

You _don't_ have to wrap _all_ the sources up in the same archive. They
can be separately-downloadable files.

I'm not aware of any separate source archive which produces _only_ the
dll and not
the tools; such an archive, if you created it, would both fulfil GPL
and be easier to fit on some floppies.
FWIW, the cdk/src/winsup directory - i.e. the sources for the cygwin dll
zip into about 700 kb. (one floppy disk!)

Now, which bit don't you understand ? 8)


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