licensing NOT clear for me

Charles Wilson
Fri Mar 19 12:29:00 GMT 1999

DJ Delorie wrote:

> > Finally, a definition of what is needed!!  I've heard of winsup,
> > newlib and libiberty; but, what is toplevel?  Is there a download
> > available of toplevel?
> toplevel is a couple of scripts and the top-level Makefile and such.
> Basically, all the sources that weren't in a subdirectory when I broke
> them up.  All these modules are in cygwin-b20/src-by-top-dir on the
> ftp sites.

Here is the index.txt file from

This directory contains the minimum cygwin sourcecode to comply with the
GPL. Since executables with dll's are considered a single program, and
since the cygwin dll is under the GPL, if I want to distribute compiled
applications that use the cygwin dll, I am required to place my
application under the GPL. In order to comply with this, not only do I
have to provide the sources to my application, but also I must provide
the sources for the cygwin dll that I used.

Now, I don't really expect anyone to download this stuff - it's much
easier to get the full sources for the entire cygwin *environment*
directly from Cygnus ( ) rather than
just the sources for the cygwin dll and its immediate dependencies which
I provide here. In addition, if you go to the Cygnus website, you can get
a nicely packaged, precompiled version of the entire cygwin
*environment*, which includes lots of nice extras.

index.txt                this file
file_select.diff         Sergey Okhapkin's patch(1) for coolview winsup
mixed-case.diff          Sergey Okhapkin's patch(2) for coolview winsup
libiberty.tar.bz2        original cygwin sourcecode
newlib.tar.bz2           original cygwin sourcecode
toplevel.tar.bz2         original cygwin sourcecode
winsup.tar.bz2           original cygwin sourcecode
winsup-coolview.tar.bz2  winsup sources, modified using Sergey's patches

Since I built the binaries on my ftp server using the coolview
(post-20.1) dll, does this directory satisfy the requirements of the GPL
wrt cygwin-based programs (provided I also supply the source for the
specific programs, of course) ?


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