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Sun Mar 21 15:04:00 GMT 1999

At 22:07 18/03/99 +0100, I wrote
> I find that the making of DLL's is a quite complicated and ennoying under
> CygWin, so I decided to write a shell script to facilitate this task.
> ..........
> are there plans to include such a tool in CygWin in the future releases,
> ..........

Thanks to everybody who answered.  Now I see that my script is indeed
useless since "dllwrap" does all the nessecary job.  But why in the User's
guide and in the FAQ there is not a word about dllwrap!!!???  The  only thng
that is talled about DLL making is that old complicated method that I used
in the script.  The place where I was able to find an excelent documentation
about DLL making was not the CygWin cite, but
I think User's guide and/or FAQ must at least point there.

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