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Richard Lyon
Mon Mar 22 12:25:00 GMT 1999

See comments below:

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>Did you create a c:\home directory before you did the mount?  Having
>that empty directory on the parent drive makes a big difference in how
>well some commands work, which is why mount warns you about them.

Yes I did. If I type a command like 'ls /home', it displays the directory

>TCL itself doesn't use cygwin for stuff like that.  It goes right to
>the Win32 calls, so you have to do conversions all over the place.

OK, this is what I was looking for. To add the conversions is not such a big

We are porting the discrete-event simulator omnet++ from linux. It's a
mixture of c++ and tcl,
so hopefully I can do the conversions from posix to win in c++ using the
cygwin api.

Pity about find. The omnet++ install script uses find to locate various
system components.

Thanks for the response.

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