Again about physical disks.

Tue Mar 23 08:43:00 GMT 1999

> This is a known 'feature' of w95;
> the article "PRB: DeviceIoControl Int 13h Does Not Support Hard Disks"
> describes the problem and presents the code for a workaround.
> It's *ugly* - you have to use 'flat thunks'.
> So the short answer is *yes*, you can read disk-blocks from
> cygwin-compiled code, but *no*, it's not easy, and

> you'll need to be significantly motivated....
I am :-)))

So, if I understand well, the workaround is to make a 16bit DLL for disk IO,
and then call it from 32bit code using so caled "thunk"s.  Well, I suppose
that it works with MSVC, and that example given there will compile with MSVC
(I don't have it, and don't WANT to heve it, so I can't test).  But is all
this feasible under CygWin???  That is, can I compile 16bit DLL using
cygwin???!!!  How???

And even if I compile the dll elsewhere (say under MSVC or Borland), will it
be possible later to use this 16bit DLL in cygwin program???  Are there
"thunks" under CygWin???

Or, finally, the only solution is to made both a 16bit DLL and a 32bit DLL
(using the 16bit one via thunks) under MSVC and then use the 32bit one from

IF this IS the case, then the reading of a physical sector from a physical
disk will finally NOT REALLY be done under CygWin, and so both the short and
long answers will be NO!!! :-)

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